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"Stop making movies and television shows in Georgia since a misogynistic, anti-woman abortion ban is on the books."

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    Tell movie makers to get out of Georgia

    They call it "Y'allywood." In the past few years, thanks to generous tax incentives, Georgia has become the biggest international film hub outside of California and New York. Today, movies and television bring more than $60 billion and 200,000 jobs to the state.1

    Y'allywood just turned anti-woman. Today, Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law an extreme bill that would make abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat is detected, roughly six weeks into a pregnancy, before most women even know they are pregnant.

    The Writers Guild of America and a host of Hollywood stars already announced intentions to stop doing business in Georgia before the bill, known as H.B. 481, passed.2 Now more than ever we need to demand that major studios join them.

    Tell Hollywood: Stand with women and get out of Georgia now.

    If Hollywood continues to film in Georgia, here is what they will be supporting – in the blistering words of state Sen. Jen Jordan:3

    For the first time, this state will make Georgia women criminals – criminals – for seeking basic reproductive care. This bill subjects both the doctor and the woman to prosecution and imprisonment for up to 10 years… a pregnant woman who suffers a miscarriage could be subjected to criminal investigation, indictment, prosecution long before a jury is asked to determine whether she intentionally did anything to cause the loss.

    Film studios, major talent agencies and actors and directors possess immense clout in Georgia. HBO, Netflix and ABC – among other major cinema companies – are currently shooting in Georgia. Marvel Studios films most of its immensely popular and highly profitable series and films in the state.4

    Despite massive pressure, the Republican-dominated legislature bowed to right-wing interests and passed this unconstitutional and dangerous bill, and Gov. Kemp – who stole the 2018 election from Stacey Abrams – just made it state law. A federal judge blocked an almost identical fetal heartbeat bill in Kentucky. Georgia's bill will likely face similar legal challenges and the state will waste tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars defending it in court. That is unacceptable.5

    Hollywood cannot pretend to be friendly to women but funnel millions of dollars into a state that attacks them.

    Tell Hollywood: Stand with women and get out of Georgia now.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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