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Stop the Grand Canyon uranium mine!

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The petition to the U.S. Forest Service and Department of Interior reads:

"Protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining. Uphold the ban on uranium mining and say no to Energy Fuel Resources' Grand Canyon mine."

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    Stop the Grand Canyon uranium mine!

    The U.S. Forest Service is allowing a Canadian company to open a destructive uranium mine on the south side of the Grand Canyon, flying in the face of a major ban on new uranium mining at the Grand Canyon, passed last year by the Obama administration.1

    Canadian company Energy Fuel Resources claims its mine should be grandfathered in because the rights were granted in 1986, and the Forest Service agreed - granting approval based on the seriously outdated safety study it conducted 27 years ago - during the Reagan Administration!2

    The mine would not only put radioactive pollutants in the air in the Grand Canyon area, it also poses a major risk to water sources, including the Colorado River which supplies water to 30 million people in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and other cities.

    Tell the U.S. Forest Service: Don't allow uranium mining on the Grand Canyon.

    Uranium mining rips up huge tracts of land to extract radioactive material for use in nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.3

    And incredibly, this destructive process is governed by virtually no environmental standards, falling under the incredibly antiquated Mining Law of 1872. The law contains no safeguards to protect soil, wildlife, people, or water resources from radioactive pollution, and the law actually makes exploitative mining a priority over all other uses on public lands.4

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar took a major step forward when he protected the Ground Canyon's surrounding areas from uranium mining, but now the U.S. Forest Service (under Secretary Vilsack and the Department of Agriculture) is flying in the face of the ban.

    Sign the petition to the U.S. Forest Service now. We'll also deliver your petition to new Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewel, whose agency's ban is being undermined by this proposal.

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