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Tell governors: Refugees are welcome here

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    Tell governors: Refugees are welcome here

    Stephen Miller's latest attempt to shut down our borders puts the future of many refugees in the hands of state and local leaders.

    Along with setting a record-low refugee quota for 2020 last week, the Trump-Miller administration also enacted a new policy that requires governors and local officials to provide written consent to the federal government in order to allow refugees to resettle in their areas.1

    Governors will play a critical role in setting the standard for their state, which is why we must demand that they lead now. Add your name to demand that governors reject hate and welcome refugees with open arms.

    Tell governors: Refugees are welcome here

    This new policy is just the latest in a long line of hurdles set down by the Trump-Miller administration to make an arduous immigration process even more difficult for refugee families.

    Like Trump's Muslim and asylum bans, zero-tolerance policy, concentration camps and baby jails, this latest attack comes straight out of Miller's white nationalist playbook. Handing xenophobic governors the power and cover to openly discriminate against refugees is one way the Trump-Miller regime is consolidating power nationwide. This new policy also gives governors who say they stand with refugees and immigrants an opportunity to put their words into action and register their commitment in writing.

    Trump and Miller's persistent and callous attacks on immigrants may feel overwhelming, but it's important to remember that every act of resistance makes a difference. Last week, Congress passed a resolution to end Trump's fake national emergency at the border, marking Congress' second bipartisan rebuke of Trump.2 A federal judge just struck down the administration's policy to eliminate protections for children in detention.3 And thanks to the advocacy of CREDO members and allies, momentum for impeachment is growing every day.4

    Now, we must use our power to put the spotlight on governors and demand that they stand on the right side of history. Whether they join the resistance or enable xenophobic hate is up to us.

    Tell governors: Refugees are welcome here

    Thanks for all you do.


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