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Tell Google: Fire Miles Taylor

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The petition to Google's CEO Sundar Pichai reads:

"Miles Taylor championed Trump's racist and xenophobic Muslim ban and was a leader at the Department of Homeland Security as it implemented family separation. Google should not be rewarding and rehabilitating a person who carries this destructive legacy. Fire Taylor immediately."

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    Tell Google: Fire Miles Taylor

    Kirstjen Nieslen's righthand man who championed Trump's Muslim ban is about to be rewarded for his racism.

    Google recently hired Miles Taylor, former DHS Secretary Nielsen's chief of staff, as "head of national security policy engagement." Taylor was not only complicit in helping Nielsen tear apart thousands of immigrant families, but also defended and even celebrated extreme anti-Muslim policies.1

    CREDO is committed to making sure that no institution gives Trump officials who terrorize our communities a soft landing after they leave his racist administration. Speak out now to demand that Google refuse to give an anti-Muslim bigot a job and path to launder his image.

    Tell Google: Fire anti-Muslim bigot Miles Taylor.

    Back when the Muslim ban was first put into place, Google appeared to take a clear stand against it. CEO Sundar Pichai, tweeted “Google is with you” to the people affected by the ban.2 Google cofounder Sergey Brin attended one of the airport protests that erupted that week.3

    But now Google is welcoming one of the Muslim ban's champions onto its team. Google probably didn't expect any pushback from this decision, but we’re already seeing massive outrage online. Google workers, immigrant community advocates and Google consumers are not having it. And the company has refused to comment so far.

    The momentum is definitely on our side. CREDO just put massive pressure on Fortune magazine for including Nielsen as part of its "Most Powerful Women Summit." We helped ensure that dream hampton, Hillary Clinton and Brandi Carlile cancelled their attendance to avoid being complicit in Nielsen's rehabilitation tour.4,5,6 In September, we pressured "The Atlantic" to drop Nielsen from its Atlantic Fest.7

    Now it's time to make sure Google feels the heat for hiring someone who helped institutionalize Trump's anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim hate. Speak out now to demand that Google fire Miles Taylor.

    Tell Google: No soft landing for an anti-Muslim bigot. Fire Miles Taylor.


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