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Tell Ford: Stop working with Trump to undo clean car standards

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"Honor your commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change. Stop working with the Trump administration to delay, weaken or block the clean car standards."

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    Tell Ford: Stop working with Trump to undo clean car standards

    Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt can claim another partner in their war against curbing climate change: Ford Motor Company.

    While Ford advertises its commitment to building fuel efficient and electric vehicles, the company is simultaneously working hand-in-hand with the Trump regime to weaken the "clean car standards," Obama-era rules meant to increase fuel efficiency, reduce pollution and help curb climate change.1

    Ford is putting profits ahead of protecting public health and the environment by working to undermine the very rules it once hailed and now continues to publicly promote. We must urge Ford to honor its commitment to the clean car standards and stop working with the Trump regime to weaken these critical safeguards.

    Tell Ford: Stop working with Trump to roll back clean car standards.

    Ford's hypocrisy and opportunism is astounding. As recently as last summer, Ford released a slick video in which Chairman Bill Ford greenwashed the company’s commitment to sustainability. The Chairman told his consumers and the outside world that "climate change is real and a critical threat" and that the company would "work with leaders around the world in support of ambitious global greenhouse gas reduction targets."2 Yet, at the same time, the company's powerful lobbyists at the Alliance for Automobile Manufacturing have been meeting with the Trump administration and even testifying in front of the Republican-controlled Congress to roll back regulations. A company that touts its commitment to addressing climate change has no business meeting with the Trump regime.3

    The clean car standards are good for consumers, public health and the environment. If the U.S. government fully implements these critical protections by 2025, they will reduce oil consumption by 12 billion barrels, save consumers $1 trillion at the pump and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6 billion metric tons — the equivalent of 150 coal-fired plants or 1.3 million cars.4

    It's no wonder the clean car standards are extremely popular. In fact, 95 percent of Americans want auto manufacturers to improve fuel economy for cars, and nearly 80 percent believe the government must continue increasing fuel efficient standards.5

    Our environmental and consumer protection allies are ramping up the pressure on Ford to drop its collaboration with the Trump regime.6 We must ensure Ford honors its promise to reducing emissions and stop working to undo years of progress to protect our environment and climate.

    Tell Ford: Stop working with Trump to roll back clean car standards.

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