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Trump declares war on poor children

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The petition to the Department of Agriculture reads:

"SNAP is one of the most effective programs at reducing poverty and spurring economic growth. Don't change the rules to strip 2.5 million people of SNAP benefits and deny school lunches to half a million children."

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    Trump declares war on poor children

    For Donald Trump, cruelty and corruption are virtues. He doesn't care if he's tearing children away from their mothers or promoting racism so long as he and his friends end up feeling powerful and benefiting financially.

    No wonder he is on a mission to deny SNAP benefits – popularly known as food stamps – to millions of Americans. He's trying to change the rules and rob 2.5 million people of food security.1 It's not just SNAP benefits – Trump's proposal would sneakily steal free school lunches from 500,000 kids.2 It's unacceptable, and we need to make sure the administration knows it.

    Tell the Department of Agriculture: Don't cut SNAP benefits.

    Changing who is eligible for SNAP benefits would take school lunches off the trays of more than 500,000 children, in addition to robbing families and single adults of food security. These are the people crushed in the Trump economy of tax handouts for the rich and benefit cuts for everyone else, and now Trump wants to make it worse.

    Currently, states have the leeway to allow people to access SNAP benefits while still building up some small savings for the future. The new Trump Department of Agriculture proposal would eliminate that flexibility and rip SNAP benefits away from people who rely on them for food security. When you factor in that SNAP is one of the most effective and efficient ways to reduce poverty and boost the economy from the bottom, Trump's proposal looks even more ridiculous.3

    It's cruel – and that's the point. Trump and his puppets in Congress will make noises about fraud and spending while continuing to pour money into a Pentagon that cannot even pass an audit. They are fine with lighting money on fire if it benefits their rich and powerful pals, then use nickels and dimes as an excuse to beat up on lower-income people.

    The public comment period just opened – let's pour on the opposition and make it clear that Americans know what they are trying to do. When you sign the petition, we'll count your signature in our comment to the Department of Agriculture.

    Tell the Department of Agriculture: Don't cut SNAP benefits.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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