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Block Facebook's dangerous "show me your papers" policy (sign now)

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"Stop extreme and discriminatory ID requirements for political ads that prohibit immigrants from engaging in the democratic process and exercising their right to free speech."

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    Block Facebook's dangerous "show me your papers" policy (sign now)

    Facebook just made it harder for immigrants to fight for their rights.

    The social network recently rolled out a new "show me your papers" policy that would require users to upload their Social Security number and government ID to launch political ads. These new requirements would not only make ad buyers more vulnerable to identity theft and other breaches of privacy, but also undermine the First Amendment rights of immigrants.1

    Speak out now to demand that Facebook reverse this policy immediately and commit to upholding its users' civil rights and right to free speech.

    Tell Facebook: Roll back invasive and discriminatory ID requirements for political ads.

    Facebook is so desperate to repair its reputation after foreign entities used the platform to sway the 2016 elections that it has introduced a political advertising policy that goes far beyond FEC regulations on political speech.

    Right now, anyone can launch a paid political advocacy campaign on Facebook to fight for the issues that matter to them. This new policy would impose an extreme vetting process on political ad buyers that could prevent immigrants and other communities most targeted and surveilled by the Trump regime from fully participating in our democracy.

    When news broke of a massive data breach that allowed defunct right-wing political firm Cambridge Analytica to harvest the personal information of more than 87 million Facebook users to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election, public trust in Facebook dropped by more than 60 percent.2,3 This debacle exposed Facebook's data security problems and pushed many users to delete their accounts.

    Facebook is now under federal investigation for its risky data practices, but that hasn’t stopped the company from requiring users to submit their most sensitive information to actively resist Trump and defend their communities on the platform.4 That is unacceptable.

    With ICE locking up and deporting immigrant activists and the FBI targeting and attacking Black freedom fighters, a policy mandating a Social Security number and government ID to run political advocacy campaigns on the world's largest social network would make it even harder and more dangerous for these communities to fight for their rights.5,6 We cannot allow Facebook to throw millions of U.S. residents under the bus to dodge public scrutiny, win points with the FEC and protect its bottom line.

    Facebook must make a choice: Will it help Trump's racist regime suppress immigrant activism or will it reverse its "show me your papers" policy and protect immigrants' right to free speech. CREDO is teaming up with our friends at Presente to demand that Facebook do the right thing.

    Tell Facebook: Roll back invasive and discriminatory ID requirements for political ads.

    Thanks for your activism.


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