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Tell President Obama: End the NSA's surveillance dragnet

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"Mass surveillance on Americans who have been suspected of no crimes is a gross violation of our civil liberties and constitutional rights, whether done the NSA, FBI, or private companies on behalf of the federal government. End the clearly unconstitutional U.S. government dragnet for bulk collection of phone data."

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    Tell President Obama: End the NSA's surveillance dragnet

    In less than a month, the judicial order authorizing the NSA to collect all of our phone data is going to expire. It’s no secret the intelligence community wants to keep spying on innocent Americans without any meaningful reform to their dragnet also known as the “bulk collection” program.

    President Obama has said he will decide how to change the program before the FISA court authorization for mass warrantless surveillance expires on March 28. According to accounts leaked to the press, the president is reviewing four options - maintain the program as it is currently, turn the responsibility for mass surveillance of phone records over to the FBI, ask private companies such as AT&T and Verizon to collect the records so the government can access them in the future, or scrap the program entirely.

    Whether the president moves his telephone data dragnet to the FBI, to a company like AT&T and Verizon, or keeps it at the NSA makes no difference. It’s still clearly unconstitutional and must be dismantled.

    Tell President Obama: The NSA telephone data dragnet is unconstitutional and it must be dismantled.

    We recognize that true reform will require action by Congress or the courts, and CREDO is pushing for full repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act and the FISA Amendments Act. But in the meantime, we should support anything that will start the process of reining in the NSA, and we must fight against fake reform efforts that don’t actually protect our civil liberties.

    Moving the NSA's “bulk collection” telephone data dragnet to another government agency or a private company is precisely the kind of fake reform that we need to stop. It would codify approval of warrantless spying programs under the guise of real reform.

    Tell President Obama: Mass surveillance on Americans who have been accused of no crimes is wrong and must be stopped.

    As a former constitutional law professor who campaigned against warrantless surveillance in 2008, it should be a no-brainer for President Obama to end the unconstitutional dragnet that captures data about the phone calls of virtually all Americans.

    The upcoming deadline for the expiration of mass warrantless surveillance gives the president the chance to do the right thing at long last and end the NSA's surveillance dragnet.

    Tell President Obama: The NSA telephone data dragnet is unconstitutional and it must be dismantled.

    Thanks for taking a stand against unconstitutional spying on Americans.