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Tell ABC: No rehabilitation for Sean Spicer

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"Don't reward Sean Spicer for his time as a collaborator with the Trump regime. Don't help him rehabilitate his image. Remove him from 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

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    Tell ABC: No rehabilitation for Sean Spicer

    Sean Spicer lied for Trump every day. He lied to help Trump line his pockets, terrorize immigrants, take away women's and LGBTQ people's rights, destroy our planet and wreck our democracy. He lied to help keep a racist autocrat in power.1,2

    Now, ABC wants to reward this propaganda merchant with a starring role on its hit TV show "Dancing with the Stars."3 The network wants to help someone complicit in Trump's terror rehabilitate his public image, and we can't let it happen without a fight.

    Tell ABC: Don't normalize fascism. Remove Sean Spicer from "Dancing with the Stars."

    Spicer will be able to use the increased publicity from his “Dancing with the Stars” appearance to line his own pockets and sanitize his image. He will be seen by millions of people as a D-list celebrity trying earnestly to be a dancer, when he should forever be remembered for his lies and his defense of the liar in chief.

    Spicer infamously spent the first day of the Trump administration arguing against photographic evidence that Trump drew the biggest inaugural crowd in history and went on to later minimize concentration camps as "Holocaust Centers." He defended Trump’s lie about how there were 3 million fraudulent votes in the 2016 election. He relentlessly attacked the press and lied to the American people for pay.

    Every person who chooses to work for Trump is choosing to align themselves with and legitimize every piece of his dangerous agenda. ABC is making clear this week that corporations concerned more about profits than values are more than willing to help Trump collaborators clean up their images.

    We have to speak out now to make sure ABC understands that a corporate media makeover for someone who helped promote fascist hatred is unacceptable and cannot stand. Massive pressure on ABC will also send a powerful warning to other corporations that rehabilitation of Trump loyalists will have real consequences. Can you add your name today?

    Tell ABC: Don't normalize fascism. Remove Sean Spicer from Dancing with the Stars.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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