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Tell Democrats: Skip the inauguration of hate

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"This is not the time for compromise or decorum. Stand up to Trump’s hateful agenda and skip the inauguration.”

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    Tell Democrats: Skip the inauguration of hate

    Rep. John Lewis’ decision to stay away from Trump’s inauguration is a game changer. Right now, at least 60 congressional Democrats have announced that they are skipping the inauguration. We must keep the pressure on.

    On Friday, Rep. Lewis announced that he would skip the inauguration. He also called Trump’s presidency illegitimate, given CIA, FBI and NSA reports of Russian cyber attacks that tipped the electoral scales for Trump.1

    Trump’s retaliation on Twitter was beyond appalling, even for Trump. He called Rep. Lewis “all talk, talk, talk - no actions.”2 Rep. Lewis survived a brutal police beating in Selma, Alabama in 1965 while fighting for racial justice and voting rights and has been a consistent advocate for racial justice in his years as a member of Congress. The backlash against Trump has been immediate, with 60 Democrats, including Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Keith Ellison, joining fellow progressive champions like Reps. Luis Gutierrez, Barbara Lee and Raul Grijalva to stand with Rep. Lewis and skip the inauguration.

    As Trump himself helped make clear, Democrats have a choice: They can stand with civil rights hero Rep. Lewis and stay away from the inauguration or attend the inauguration and help legitimize Trump’s racism, misogyny and hate.

    Too many Democrats in Congress, including every Senate Democrat, remain silent. This is not the time for compromise or decorum. We need to do everything we can to make sure Democrats do the right thing.

    Tell Democrats in Congress: Skip the inauguration of hate.

    Politicians who attend the inauguration will be legitimizing and normalizing Trump’s presidency and his hateful agenda. In fact, Trump’s tweets gave right-wing lawmakers license to berate Rep. Lewis with racist statements scolding him for speaking out.

    Mike Pence said that Donald Trump, a racist bigot, would do more for Black people than Rep. Lewis ever did.3 A Georgia official called Rep. Lewis a racist pig on Facebook.4 Maine Gov. Paul LePage said that Rep. Luis should be grateful for everything Republican presidents have done for Black people, including the emancipation of slaves, essentially whitewashing and rewriting the history of the racial justice and civil rights movement in America.5

    Trump’s attack on Rep. Lewis, a civil rights hero who is entering his 30th year as a U.S. Representative, has helped draw an even brighter line between congressional Democrats who will fight against Trump’s hateful regime and those who won’t.

    Speak out now to tell all Democrats in Congress that you’re counting on them to stand with Rep. Lewis and refuse to attend the inauguration.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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