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Not one Democrat should attend Trump's State of the Union

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The petition to Democrats reads:

"Attending Trump's State of the Union would sanction and legitimize the politics of hate he is using to divide and destroy the country. Don't go."

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    Not one Democrat should attend Trump's State of the Union

    Why would any Democrat attend Donald Trump's State of the Union?

    Trump is a racist, corrupt and bigoted misogynist who disrespects the institution of the presidency and the very foundations of our democracy every day he is in the White House.

    If Democrats attend the State of the Union on Feb. 5, and participate as smiling and clapping bipartisan wallflowers during the traditional pomp and circumstance of the event, they will be sanctioning Trump's politics of hate and turning their backs on everyone he threatens. Not a single one of them should attend.

    Not one Democrat should attend Trump's State of the Union.

    With his ratings dropping, Democrats holding strong to block his wall and the Mueller investigation indicting his associates and closing in on his corrupt administration, Trump is desperate for a win.1,2 There is no doubt he will use the same formula of hate, fear and lies during his State of the Union address to re-energize his racist base of supporters and shift blame for his administration's incompetence.

    House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi should have never agreed to give him another opportunity to address the American people at large. Giving a State of the Union is a privilege that Trump has neither earned nor deserves.

    His administration institutionalized racist and bigoted bans on Muslims and LGBTQ people, systemically rolled back decades of civil rights progress, legalized discrimination in health care, gutted the EPA and hurled horrific attacks against immigrants and refugees.

    Trump and his Republican lapdogs in Congress are taking a sledgehammer to our democracy and hurting millions of people. Democrats must stop acting like it's business as usual and make a choice: Do they care more about tradition and decorum or about resisting Trump's hateful regime and showing the American people that they have their backs?

    Speak out now to make sure Democrats do the right thing and skip Trump's State of the Union.

    Not one Democrat should attend Trump's State of the Union.

    Thanks for speaking out.


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    2. Mike Calia et al., "Trump associate Roger Stone arrested on 7 counts, including lying to Congress, in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe," CNBC, Jan 25, 2019.