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Tell Congress: Stop funding Trump's reign of terror on immigrant communities

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"Cut funding for ICE and CBP and put a stop to the agencies' backdoor money grabs. "

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    Tell Congress: Stop funding Trump's reign of terror on immigrant communities

    When Congress approves more funding for ICE and CBP, our communities pay the price.

    Last year, tens of thousands of CREDO members and allies signed petitions, made calls and took to the streets to demand that Congress cut funding for ICE and CBP in the 2019 budget. Our activism prevented 2019 budget increases, but just a few months later, Democrats joined Republicans in approving a $4 billion supplemental funding request that supercharged both agencies.1

    Congress' lack of moral leadership is beyond appalling, which is why it's on us to model the kind of courage and leadership our country needs. The 2020 budget fight is ramping up next week, and we need your help to stop Congress from expanding the agencies abusing and killing our immigrant neighbors, friends and family members. Will you add your name now?

    Tell Congress: Stop funding Trump's reign of terror on immigrant communities

    If you're paying attention, your heart is breaking almost every day. The Trump regime is striking down policies that limit child detention and finding new and cruel ways to criminalize immigrants who live in our communities.2,3 Mass raids led by ICE continue to tear apart American families, and border agents at U.S. concentration camps are systematically abusing and violating the human rights of migrants, including children.4,5

    Cutting funding for the rogue agencies responsible for these horrific and potentially illegal attacks on immigrants should be an issue championed by any member of Congress with a conscience. Yet when it comes to taking bold action to stop Trump and Republicans' war on immigrants, a majority of Congress fail. That is unacceptable. It's going to take courage and moral clarity to fight back an administration that is institutionalizing hate by any means necessary.

    The Trump regime is stealing taxpayer dollars to fund its terror. It just stole from FEMA and the military to expand U.S. concentration camps and build the border wall.6,7 Stripping FEMA of millions of dollars at the start of hurricane season is cruel and heartless. Repurposing funds Congress allocated to other agencies to advance an anti-immigrant agenda undermines our democracy.

    This backdoor money grab is a budget manipulation tactic the administration has used before. Congress has the power to stop it from abusing it again.

    The last thing our country needs is for Congress to throw billions more taxpayer dollars at the enforcement arm of a racist regime that is ripping apart our communities. Speak out now to demand that Congress cuts funding for ICE and CBP and puts restrictions in place to stop the administration for stealing from other DHS agencies to fund its terror.

    Tell Congress: Stop funding Trump's reign of terror on immigrant communities.

    Thanks for fighting back.


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