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Tell the Chicago City Council: Protect all immigrants from Trump’s hate

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The petition to the Chicago City Council reads:

“Protect all of Chicago’s immigrants from Trump’s hate by strengthening the Welcoming City Ordinance so that Chicago police stop enabling deportations.”

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    Tell the Chicago City Council: Protect all immigrants from Trump’s hate

    Trump’s Department of Homeland Security is targeting nearly every undocumented immigrant for immediate deportation. Now is the time for Chicago to step up and fight back.

    Chicago’s current Welcoming City Ordinance limits collaboration between local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but it does not protect all immigrants from Trump’s hate. It leaves immigrants of color who have been targeted and criminalized by the racist Chicago Police Department (CPD) at extreme risk.

    Chicago’s aldermen have the power to fix these dangerous loopholes and as city residents, we have the power to make sure they do. The city council could vote on whether to strengthen and expand Chicago’s immigrant protections as early as Wednesday. Will you add your support now to help keep the pressure on?

    Tell the Chicago City Council: Protect all immigrants from Trump’s hate.

    The CPD has an appalling history of racism. A mayoral task force that investigated the department after the 2015 cover-up of the police murder of Laquan McDonald released a scathing report claiming that CPD’s own data gives validity to the widely held belief that the police have no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color.1 A Department of Justice investigation at around the same time found that CPD’s use of "deadly force" was "unreasonable.”2

    Right now, the Welcoming City Ordinance allows CPD officers to help ICE deport immigrants whom CPD has racially profiled and criminalized. CPD can collaborate with ICE in cases where immigrants have an open warrant, have been charged with a felony (even if they have not been convicted), have been convicted of a felony (regardless of how long ago it was), or who are in the CPD’s gang database.3

    This is a recipe for disaster. People of color often have open warrants because they do not have the resources to resolve minor offenses, like traffic tickets, in complicated, rigged court systems.4 CPD targeting immigrants who were charged but never convicted of a crime is cruel and unacceptable. Prosecutors’ overuse of plea bargains, the pressures of the money bail system and decades of mandatory minimum sentencing have forced tens of thousands of people of color to plead guilty to felonies rather than face trial.5,6 And gang databases are notorious tools of racial profiling.7,8 These loopholes allow ICE and CPD to go after people who have essentially been targeted by police for “living in Chicago while black or brown.” The city council must close these loopholes now.

    Last week, immigrants, allies, our friends at Mijente and others rallied in front of City Hall to demand that Chicago lawmakers strengthen immigrant protections. Help us keep up the pressure. Chicago’s aldermen have a choice: Plug loopholes in the Welcoming City Ordinance and protect all of Chicago’s immigrants from Trump’s hate or continue to help Trump’s rogue deportation force rip families apart and terrorize communities of color. Speak out now to make sure they do the right thing.

    Tell the Chicago City Council: Protect all immigrants from Trump’s hate.

    Thank you for standing with Chicago’s immigrants.


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