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California must pass the California Values Act now

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The petition to California legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown reads:

"Resist and obstruct Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant agenda. Do everything in your power to pass the California Values Act as soon as possible.”

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    California must pass the California Values Act now

    Donald Trump has set his racist anti-immigrant agenda in motion. Last week, Trump signed executive orders that expand his deportation force, attack undocumented immigrants, threaten sanctuary cities and ban immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.1 States have the power to resist and block Trump’s hateful regime and it’s time for them to take bold actions.

    California lawmakers have already introduced legislation to obstruct Trump’s dangerous immigration policies and disrupt mass deportations. But they need your support to advance the bill.

    Immediately after Trump won the election, California's Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León introduced the California Values Act, a bill that would prohibit state and local resources from being used for mass deportations or for any federal mandate that might divide Californians on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status or national or ethnic origins.2 California progressive leaders are working hard to move the bill through the legislature as quickly as possible. Add your support now.

    Tell California state lawmakers and Gov. Brown that you’re counting on them to pass the California Values Act as soon as possible.

    California is a beacon state where lawmakers have passed some of the most progressive immigrant rights policies in the nation. Immigrants in California have access to affordable reproductive health care, regardless of their immigration status, through the Family PACT program. California is also one of the 12 states where undocumented immigrants can legally obtain a driver’s license.

    California continues to lead by courageously defying Trump’s xenophobic agenda every step of the way. As soon as Trump signed his anti-immigrant executive orders, California leaders doubled down on their commitment to protect immigrants.3 The state legislature hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to defend California's sanctuary cities and the state from Trump’s right-wing government.4 The city of San Francisco filed the first lawsuit challenging Trump’s executive order to defund sanctuary cities that refuse to aid federal immigration officers.5

    Now more than ever, California leaders need to know that we have their backs as they continue to build statewide opposition against Trump’s anti-immigrant regime.

    If the California Values Act becomes law, it will be the blueprint for what resistance at the state level should look like. The California Values Act will:6

    • Prohibit state or local resources from being used to investigate, detain, detect, report or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes.
    • Ban state and local resources from being used to facilitate the creation of a national registry based on religion.
    • Prevent state agencies from collecting or sharing immigration information from individuals unless necessary to perform agency duties.
    • Ensure that California schools, hospitals and courthouses remain safe and accessible to all California residents regardless of immigration status.

    More than 1 in 4 Californians are immigrants, and half of the children in California have one immigrant parent.7 Trump’s executive orders could make the nightmare of mass deportations a reality. We can’t let Trump’s right-wing administration rip families apart, orphan children and force people to build new lives in unfamiliar countries. It’s up to us to make sure that elected officials are doing everything in their power to protect our immigrant neighbors, friends and family members.

    Will you help California leaders obstruct and block Trump’s racist anti-immigrant agenda? Urge your state legislators and Gov. Brown to do everything they can to pass the California Values Act now.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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