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Tell Attorney General Barr: Release the full Mueller report

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Petition to Attorney General William Barr:

"Immediately release the full, unredacted Mueller report and all supporting documentation to the public and cooperate with all Democratic demands for documents and information without collusion with Trump's White House."

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    Tell Attorney General Barr: Release the full Mueller report

    Robert Mueller finished his investigation and submitted his final report to Attorney General William Barr.1

    For two years, Trump repeatedly sought to sabotage and block the Mueller investigation. We cannot let Barr surrender to Trump and hide the full report from Congress and the public.

    Tell Attorney General Barr: Release the full Mueller report.

    This weekend, Barr will decide whether to provide a summary or Mueller's full report to Congress. Congressional Democrats already demanded the full report and all supporting documents and must continue to do so. Barr must comply with that request.

    No matter what Trump claims in the coming days, the broader investigations into Russia and Trump's blatant corruption are not over:

    • Federal guidelines limited the scope of Mueller's investigation, including blocking him from indicting or discussing Donald Trump in the report. It is for this reason that Trump has been open to releasing the full report.
    • This one report does not have the final word about Trump's apparent and potential crimes.
    • Other federal and state prosecutors continue to investigate other aspects of Trump's corruption.
    • Democrats in the House of Represenatives are actively investigating Trump.
    • There is already evidence in the public realm that Trump should be impeached. The results of an investigation with one narrow mandate does not change that fact.

    We will continue to pressure Congress to move forward with impeachment and not outsource its constitutional mandate to an unelected prosecutor. At the same time, we cannot allow Trump to further imperil democracy and the rule of law by suppressing a report that the public should see.

    Tell Attorney General Barr: Release the full Mueller report.

    Thank you for speaking out.

    We will update this campaign as more information becomes available.


    1. Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky and Josh Dawsey, "Mueller report sent to attorney general, signaling his Russia investigation has ended," The Washington Post, March 22, 2019.