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Tell extremist Republicans you stand with women

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Add your name in solidarity with A Day Without a Woman and the International Women’s Strike:

“I stand with women. I will fight for economic equality, reproductive justice and safety for all women and against efforts to undermine and restrict any woman’s rights.”

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    Tell extremist Republicans you stand with women

    Tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Women and their allies across the country and around the world will take action in support of full equality for every woman, no matter her race, economic status, ethnicity, religion, sexual identity, gender expression, immigration status or age.

    Do you stand with and support their activism?

    Organizers of the International Women’s Strike say that the era of Trump demands a “feminism of the 99 percent.”1 Fighting for full equality in the United States means fighting for reproductive justice, equal pay, paid leave, access to healthcare, immigrant rights, climate justice, quality education and LGBTQ rights. It means fighting sexual and gender-based violence, police violence and racist, bigoted, sexist and misogynistic policies, politicians and institutions. It means holding Democrats accountable to progressive values of justice and equality and doing everything we can to block anti-woman, racist, anti-LGBTQ and xenophobic Republican extremism.

    The organizers of the Women's March are joining the strike to highlight "the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socio economic system, while receiving lower wages and experiencing greater inequities, vulnerability to discrimination, sexual harassment and job insecurity."2

    Republican leaders in Congress will see women and their allies in the streets on Wednesday. They will see women wearing red in solidarity. We want to make sure they get the message loud and clear that people all over the country have had enough of their anti-woman agenda and are committed to fighting back — on Wednesday and beyond.

    Sign to show your support for tomorrow’s strike and the fight for women’s equality. We will deliver the signatures to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday morning.

    Thanks for everything you do.


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