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"Protect the identity of the Ukraine whistleblower and any others who bravely step forward to defend our democracy against Trump."

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    Protect the whistleblower

    It's time to stand up for the Ukraine whistleblower.

    Trump is throwing everything at them, like threats of torture and execution and demands that they be investigated for fraud. Congressional Republicans are attempting to force them to publicly testify and conservative media is throwing fuel on the fire. Two guests on Fox News named a person they believe is the whistleblower on live TV.1 The whistleblower’s lawyers say their client is scared for their life.22

    The whistleblower followed federal law and deserves the protection the law provides. Help us make sure they get that protection by signing the petition today.

    Tell Congress and the media: Protect the whistleblower.

    The whistleblower complaint confirms what we already knew: Trump broke the law, and the White House covered it up. The whistleblower was crystal clear: Trump "used the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. presidential election."3

    Trump demanded to meet the whistleblower and threatened consequences for those who gave the whistleblower information. Mark Levin, one of Trump's prominent allies in the right-wing media, went on “Fox and Friends” and said “I want to know everything about him! I want to know what kind of dogs they have, how many marriages they've had, if they have a DUI, if they're a partisan, I want to know everything!”4 At a time when progressive leaders like Rep. Ilhan Omar face death threats after repeated Trump attacks, it is clear that Trump is trying to make the whistleblower – and any others who might be thinking of coming forward – fear for their lives.

    Congressional Republicans, who constantly wrap themselves in the constitution and patriotism to justify their reckless agenda, need to know that people are watching and are outraged that they are endangering the whistleblower to pander to their criminal president. Media outlets across the spectrum need to know we expect them to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to use their platforms to protect the whistleblower, not threaten them.

    Thank you for speaking out.

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