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Tell the Washington Legislature: Act on clean energy now

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The petition to the Washington Legislature reads:

"Pass H.B. 1211/S.B. 5116, H.B 1110 and H.B. 1257/S.B. 5293 to help Washington achieve clean electricity, fuels and buildings."

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    Tell the Washington Legislature: Act on clean energy now

    There is no single solution to climate change. To prevent catastrophic global warming, we need to transform every sector of our society. Last month, Gov. Inslee released a plan to start that transformation in Washington.

    Gov. Inslee's proposal calls for 100 percent clean energy, more electric transportation and investments in energy efficient buildings.1 It would be a powerful step in the fight against climate change.

    But every part of the plan requires state lawmakers to pass new legislation. So along with the Environmental Priorities Coalition, we are calling on legislators to stand up for clean energy, transportation and infrastructure.2

    Now that Washington's new legislative session is underway, we need as much pressure as possible to make sure that every legislator knows that we can't wait any longer for bold climate action.

    Tell the Washington Legislature: Pass H.B. 1211/S.B. 5116, H.B 1110 and H.B. 1257/S.B. 5293.

    Gov. Inslee's plan would switch the state to 100 percent clean energy by 2045, first phasing out coal by 2025.3 It would create a clean fuel standard and fund electric transportation projects, including charging stations, electric-hybrid ferries and ultra-high speed rail.4 Finally, it would set energy-efficiency standards for new buildings and add solar to public buildings.5

    By moving to clean electricity, fuels and buildings, Washingtonians can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Combined, the policies would invest $268 million and aim to cut emissions to 25 percent below 1990 levels by 2035.6

    Last year, Big Oil spent more than $30 million to defeat Initiative 1631, which would have forced fossil fuel companies to help pay for their own pollution.7 Despite this defeat, 64 percent of Washington voters still say they support the state taking action on climate change.8 But the same fossil fuel lobbyists that blocked climate action last year are already mobilizing to stop this policy as well. Now that we have another chance, we must generate massive pressure to overcome Big Oil.

    Tell the Washington Legislature: Pass H.B. 1211/S.B. 5116, H.B 1110 and H.B. 1257/S.B. 5293.


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