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Tell Walmart not to sponsor Trump’s hate

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“Ensure that Walmart does not help provide a platform for Donald Trump's harmful and bigoted rhetoric by pledging not to sponsor the Republican National Convention if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.”

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    Tell Walmart not to sponsor Trump’s hate

    With only months to go in the presidential primaries, Donald Trump is still in the lead position to be the Republican nominee.

    CREDO activists have been pushing back on Trump’s racism, fear-mongering and hate for months, including pressuring corporations not to sponsor Trump’s divisive and bigoted platform at this summer’s Republican National Convention (RNC).

    Working with our friends at ColorOfChange and with other progressive allies, we have successfully pressured Coca-Cola to back away from most, but not yet all, of its support for the RNC. The momentum is on our side, with corporations becoming increasingly nervous about sponsoring a Trump-led convention.1 While we continue to urge Coca-Cola to do the right thing, it’s also time to pressure other corporations to drop their support.

    Walmart gave $150,000 to help fund the convention in 2012 and has already contributed this year.2, 3 It is irresponsible and dangerous for corporations like Walmart to promote Trump’s hate by sponsoring the Republican convention. Can you add your voice to ramp up the pressure today?

    Tell Walmart: No sponsorship of a Trump-led Republican convention.

    It’s important for corporations to be reminded that if they sponsor a Trump-led convention, they are legitimizing Trump’s hate. The platform they will be championing includes:

    • Trump’s characterization of Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals;
    • Trump’s claim that Muslims hate America and his proposal to ban Muslims, including U.S. citizens, from entering the United States;
    • Trump’s rhetoric encouraging his supporters to target protesters at his rallies with violence and his justification and endorsement of the violence his supporters commit;
    • Trump’s recent failure to denounce the endorsement of former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke and his years of questioning President Obama’s citizenship;
    • Trump’s consistent misogyny and his commitment to end abortion access for women;
    • Trump’s threat that there will be riots if he gets the most votes but does not win the Republican nomination.

    It seems impossible that a corporation with any sense of civic responsibility would want to be associated with Trump’s dangerous and divisive brand. Over the years, we have achieved positive results when we put collective pressure on Walmart in solidarity with our friends in the labor community,4 showing that Walmart will cave to public scrutiny and negative press. With corporations clearly concerned about associating their brands with Trump’s toxic candidacy, now is the right time to demand that Walmart back away from Trump’s hate.

    Tell Walmart: Pledge not to sponsor a Trump-led Republican convention.

    Thanks for standing up to Trump’s racism, misogyny and xenophobia today.


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