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Why are business leaders enabling Trump’s hate?

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"Refuse to legitimize and normalize Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda by refusing to serve as a Trump adviser."

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    Why are business leaders enabling Trump’s hate?

    Our resistance is working. Thanks to the activism of CREDO members who joined #DeleteUber activists and our allies in the progressive movement, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick just disassociated himself from Trump’s racist hate.1

    The momentum is on our side. But, our work is not done.

    A number of America’s most prominent corporate leaders, including the CEOs of Tesla, Disney, IBM and Pepsi, are still collaborating with Trump’s fascist regime. They are normalizing his racist, misogynistic and xenophobic agenda by serving on his Strategic and Policy Forum and his manufacturing council.2,3 It is time for them to join Kalanick and stop legitimizing Trump’s hate.

    Tell business leaders: Stop enabling Trump’s racism and xenophobia. Withdraw from his business councils.

    CEOs like Tesla’s Elon Musk who serve on Trump’s advisory councils have to make a choice. They either need to stand up for morality and human dignity or side with Trump’s racist, misogynistic and xenophobic hate.

    Business leaders who serve on Trump’s advisory councils don’t get to pick and choose which policy positions they are endorsing with their brands. They are legitimizing and normalizing Trump’s entire agenda. In addition to his executive orders banning Muslims and refugees, criminalizing immigrants and building his deportation force, Trump has created a cabinet full of climate denying, anti-worker and anti-woman bigots. He has also issued executive orders to push ahead with the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines.4 Reports indicate he’ll use his authority to enact sweeping LGBTQ discrimination as well.5

    It is appalling that any leader would be willing to advance company interests on the backs of the people most threatened by Trump’s hate. It’s especially hard to believe for a CEO like Musk. Tesla has built its brand by promoting its commitment to climate change. With Kalanick’s departure from the Strategic and Policy Forum, attention has turned to Musk, who serves on both the Forum and on Trump’s manufacturing council. He claims his participation “does not mean that I agree with the actions of the administration” and will “serve the greater good.”6 That’s how collaborators justify their participation with fascism.

    Trump will absolutely use Musk’s presence to put a “climate-friendly” shine on his climate-destroying policies. The only “good” that could possibly be served by giving Trump Tesla’s stamp of approval is what’s good for Musk’s ego or Tesla’s bottom line. We need to call him out and force him to stop enabling Trump now.

    Tell Tesla’s Elon Musk and other business leaders: Stop enabling Trump’s racism and xenophobia. Withdraw from his business councils.

    Trump has a track record of bullying and threatening corporations. When corporations cave or cooperate, Trump claims credit and preens about his power. Business leaders who proactively join Trump’s business councils aren’t just feeding that monster. They are bringing legitimacy to his hateful agenda and endangering Muslims, immigrants, women, people of color, LGBTQ people and our planet.

    As progressives, we have the power to demand that craven CEOs who are prioritizing access to political power and their companies’ profits over the core values of our democracy do better. That’s why we’re joining with our friends at Muslim Advocates, Color Of Change, MoveOn, Center for Media Justice, Free Press and Bend the Arc to organize massive public pressure against leaders who collaborate with Trump.

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