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#TrumpShutdown: Demand that Democrats hold the line

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"Stand up for immigrants by standing strong in the face of the Trump shutdown. Refuse to cave on funding for Trump's border wall or the expansion of ICE and CBP."

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    #TrumpShutdown: Demand that Democrats hold the line

    Republicans just helped Donald Trump shut down the government to feed his racist hate.

    Trump's midweek Twitter tantrum convinced House Republicans, in literally the last hours of their majority, to turn over their party to his white supremacist agenda and give him almost $6 billion for his wall.

    Leaders Pelosi and Schumer have so far held the line, but Trump, Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber will be relentless in their efforts to pin the shutdown on Democrats. We can't just sit back and assume they will continue to fight. We have to stiffen their spines and make sure they stand strong.

    Tell Democrats: Hold the line and refuse to compromise with Trump's racist agenda.

    This government shutdown falls squarely on the shoulders of Trump and Republicans. It's more proof that Republicans care more about helping their fragile racist leader save face than about the well-being of the American people.

    But Republicans' hostage-taking will be rewarded, and will advance their anti-immigrant agenda, if Democrats compromise in order to end the shutdown. We can't let that happen.

    We need to send the message that to make good on the promises they have made to stand with immigrants, Leaders Schumer and Pelosi must hold their caucus together in opposition to Trump. We need to send the message that progressives expect every Democrat to insist on a clean continuing resolution (CR) that doesn't help enable Trump's racism and bigotry. And we must make clear that any Democrat who caves on wall funding is caving to racism and hate, and will be held accountable. The more of us who raise our voices now, the greater the chance that we can pressure Democrats to see this through. Can you add your name today?

    Tell Democrats: Stand strong. Hold the line against Trump's anti-immigrant hate.

    Thanks for everything you do.