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Tell the Senate: Respect Christine Blasey Ford

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"Survivors who make public their stories of sexual assault or harassment are taking huge risks to hold abusers accountable, especially when a Supreme Court seat is at stake. Respect Christine Blasey Ford for her courage and refuse to undermine, discredit or defame her."

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    Tell the Senate: Respect Christine Blasey Ford

    Republicans are railroading Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

    On Sunday, Blasey Ford bravely told her story of being physically and sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh.1 She did so knowing what happened to Anita Hill when she made similar accusations against Clarence Thomas. She did so knowing that right-wing media would attack her. She did so knowing that her life might never be the same.

    Survivors don't owe us their stories, and Blasey Ford attempted to keep hers confidential. Now that she has gone public, and is being both attacked and pressured to testify before a hostile Senate Judiciary Committee, we must have her back in every way we can. That includes demanding that every senator treat her with respect, compassion and dignity – and holding them accountable if they don't.

    Tell senators: Respect Christine Blasey Ford for her courage and refuse to undermine, discredit or defame her.

    It is clear that Republicans will do anything, no matter how gross or partisan, to stack the Supreme Court. Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee knew about – and prepared for the fallout from – Blasey Ford's allegations before they were made public. But instead of acting on such obviously disqualifying information, they rushed the nomination and buried key documents that could shed further light on Kavanaugh's character.

    Now they are doubling down in their support of Kavanaugh and racing to denigrate and discredit Blasey Ford's story, undermine her credibility and punish her for speaking out. Here's just a sampling of their repugnant talking points:

    • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: "An accusation of 36-year-old misconduct, dating back to high school, has been brought forward, at the last minute, in an irregular manner."2
    • Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley: "She hired a lawyer, I understand, back in August. Why would you hire a lawyer back in August?"3
    • Sen. Bob Corker: "I’ve been impressed with all that I’ve heard about him and again it’s unfortunate. I mean I can’t imagine the horror of being accused of something like this."4
    • Sen. John Cornyn: “The problem is, Dr. Ford can’t remember when it was, where it was, or how it came to be. There are some gaps there that need to be filled.5
    • Sen. Orrin Hatch: “I talked to him on the phone today. … He didn’t do that and he wasn’t at the party. There’s clearly — somebody’s mixed up… he’s a very strong, decent man.”6

    It's unacceptable and we have to push back now.

    Tell senators: Respect Christine Blasey Ford for her courage and refuse to undermine, discredit or defame her.

    This week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley refused to negotiate in good faith to create safe conditions for Blasey Ford to testify. Yesterday, he made a cruel ultimatum – threatening a vote on Kavanaugh if Blasey Ford wouldn't testify. These kinds of public hearings are systemically stacked against survivors. It's clear that with a bully like Grassley and 10 other white male Republicans in charge, that bias will only be amplified.

    We have to build massive momentum that puts Republican senators on notice and makes clear they will not be allowed to get away with defaming or discrediting Blasey Ford. We also need to remind Democratic senators of the stakes and of their responsibility to stand up for survivors.

    Add your name today to tell senators: Respect Christine Blasey Ford for her courage and refuse to undermine, discredit or defame her.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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    photo: Tom Williams/ Getty Images