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Mitch McConnell’s abortion ban

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"Say no to extremist, anti-woman grandstanding, and vote against Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s attempt to ban abortion after 20 weeks."

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    Mitch McConnell’s abortion ban

    An extreme abortion ban just passed the House and is headed for the Senate, where Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already promised to bring it to a vote.

    The bill that just passed the House is a barely changed version of a bill that Speaker Boehner proposed for a vote back in January on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That bill was so extreme that it caused a revolt among anti-abortion, Republican women because the exceptions it made for cases of incest or rape were so narrow, and so demeaning.

    While President Obama will surely veto any attempt to ban abortion, we need to make our voices heard in defense of women so that Senate Republicans and anti-choice Democrats know that a ban on abortion at 20 weeks crosses the line.

    Tell the Senate: Don’t ban abortion.

    Banning abortion after 20 weeks takes crucial medical decisions away from women, their families, and their doctors. It’s also unconstitutional since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision protects a woman’s right to choose an abortion up to the point of fetal viability (which occurs well beyond 20 weeks).

    Trying to pass abortion bans is nothing more than political grandstanding by Republicans, who care more about their election season promises to anti-abortion activists than about the real values and priorities of their constituents.

    Put anti-choice senators on notice: When anti-woman politicians try to take away women’s rights, we fight back.

    Banning abortion after 20 weeks is part of a concerted effort by anti-choice activists to undermine women’s rights and challenge Roe v. Wade. They rely on disproven junk science to claim that a fetus can feel pain after 20 weeks. If a 20-week ban passes, it validates this dangerous, anti-woman science, and opens the door for judges hostile to abortion rights to use debunked “facts” to legally undermine Roe.2

    The reality is that 99% of abortions do happen before the 21st week.3 When they happen after that mark, it’s usually because something terrible has occurred with the pregnancy and the parents make the heart wrenching decision to terminate. But Roe v. Wade does not protect just 99% of women, it protects all of them.

    When a woman's right to choose is under attack by right-wing extremists, we need to be there to defend it. CREDO members have helped defeat other anti-choice measures across the country. We cannot let the right-wing build momentum that helps them erode the protections afforded to women through Roe v. Wade.

    Tell the Senate: We won’t let you take away women’s rights.

    Thanks for standing up for women.

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