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    Tell Congress: Prevent war with North Korea

    From Twitter rampages threatening fire and fury to his bizarre letter cancelling the summit with North Korea – and then his abrupt announcement yesterday after meeting with a North Korean official that the summit was back on, Donald Trump is risking nuclear war by treating diplomacy like a reality TV show.1,2

    Egged on by his reckless national security adviser John Bolton and the rest of his war cabinet, Trump could push us over the precipice into a deadly and endless war any day. To put a check on Trump's recklessness, Congress must intervene.

    Last fall, progressive champions, including Sen. Chris Murphy, introduced crucial legislation that would provide a vital check to Trump’s power by prohibiting him from initiating a war with North Korea without explicit authorization from Congress.3 The legislation has been sidelined while Trump and new war-mongering Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have feigned diplomacy, but with recent developments, it is time for it to once again gain momentum. With a massive showing of support, we can demand that Congress does everything in its power to stop Trump from starting a war with North Korea.

    Tell Congress: Support the Preventing Preemptive War in North Korea Act.

    These stakes could not be higher. The tug-of-war for power between Trump and Kim Jong Un is growing more tumultuous every day. Trump now says the summit will proceed as planned, but it is clear that the White House has no concept of what it wants from the negotiations.4

    The Trump administration's incompetence extends far beyond sowing potentially devastating confusion about its goals – last month, Bolton referred to "the Libya model" when talking about North Korea – a dangerous misstep as Kim Jong Un sees former Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi's agreement to denuclearize as the reason why he was overthrown and brutally murdered by U.S.-backed Libyan rebels in 2011.5 Trump tried to walk Bolton's comments back, but Trump's inability to admit mistakes and his refusal to be a respectful partner to our international allies is a danger to our safety.

    Congress alone has the power to authorize war, but with what has been described as soap opera–like tensions with Pyongyang that could hit a boiling point any day, that authority must be made explicit.

    Tell Congress: Support Senator Murphy's legislation to prevent preemptive war with North Korea.

    Thank you for standing for peace.

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