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Tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The report is in, now do your job

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The petition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reads:

Now that Robert Mueller's report is in, it's time for Congress to act. Use the full scope of Congress' investigatory and subpoena powers and immediately begin impeachment proceedings.

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    Tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The report is in, now do your job

    Trump is already using the release of the Mueller report to claim he's innocent.1 But we know that Mueller decided long ago that as a sitting president, Trump is not indictable, and therefore would not be a focus of the report.2

    But whatever happens next, we owe much of what we know about Trump's obstruction of justice and corrupt conflicts of interest to the Mueller investigation. And now that it's over, it's time for Congress to act.

    Congress has the constitutional authority and moral responsibility to hold Trump accountable. No one at this moment has a more important role than Democrats in the House of Representatives – but Speaker Pelosi has been holding back instead of boldly leading. Now is not the time for timidity or political calculations, it is time to defend our democracy.

    Tell House Democrats: Start an impeachment investigation now.

    The Mueller investigation should never have been our only line of defense against Trump's threats to our democracy. We have to demand that Democrats use the full scope of their investigatory and subpoena powers right now and immediately begin impeachment proceedings.

    That starts with showing them there's massive support for impeachment, reminding them that we will have their backs if they lead boldly and being clear that we hold them accountable for their cowardice if they fail.

    Will you sign the petition? Tell House Democrats to start an impeachment investigation against Trump now.


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