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What President Obama can do to help prevent gun violence

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“Don’t wait for Congress to pass gun control legislation. Stand up to the NRA and take immediate executive action to help stop gun violence.”

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    What President Obama can do to help prevent gun violence

    In recent weeks, more than 300,000 CREDO activists have signed petitions to pressure Congress to take real action on gun control legislation. CREDO activists have also made more than 6,700 phone calls to Republican leaders, telling them it’s time to respond to gun violence with action, not just "thoughts and prayers."

    While it’s important to keep holding Congress accountable for their failure to act, there are fortunately some things the White House can change without waiting on Congress. President Obama has the power to use executive authority to make major improvements to our gun laws.

    Tell President Obama you support him in taking executive action to implement commonsense gun control.

    We know the president is tired of Congress offering thoughts and prayers to victims of gun violence but doing nothing to prevent it. We know that he is open to using his authority when Congress fails to act. The more of us who show our support, the more likely he’ll be to act now, even in the face of the NRA’s aggressive opposition.

    After the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013, President Obama signed 23 executive orders on gun control. Our friends at Everytown for Gun Safety are urging him to take five more executive actions to clarify existing rules and more strictly enforce current law:

    • Protect victims of domestic abuse: Close the “boyfriend” loophole that allows unmarried convicted domestic abusers to purchase guns.

    • Define who is “engaged in the business” of selling guns: Close a loophole that allows private gun dealers, some of whom sell thousands of guns a year, to sell guns without performing background checks.

    • Help keep guns away from schools: Remove exemptions that let dangerous people carry guns near our children's schools.

    • Intercept potential killers: Ensure that federal law enforcement notifies local law enforcement when dangerous criminals try to illegally buy guns at dealers in their community.

    • Enforce existing eaw: Help states that require background checks for all gun sales to enforce existing laws on the books.1

    Each of these commonsense measures can help reduce gun violence — and NONE of them requires going through Congress.

    If enough of us come together, we can convince President Obama to drown out the gun lobby's scare tactics and act on behalf of Americans who are ready for change.

    Sign today to tell President Obama it’s time to take executive action to implement commonsense gun control.

    Thanks for everything you’re doing to break the NRA's chokehold on Washington.


    1. Beyond Gridlock: How White House Action on Gun Violence Can Save Lives,“ Everytown for Gun Safety, 10/5/2015.