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Tell Gov. Cuomo: New York needs early voting

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"Support early voting with more than just talk – include it in your executive budget."

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    Tell Gov. Cuomo: New York needs early voting

    Since Donald Trump entered the White House, New Yorkers have been helping lead the resistance to his dangerous agenda. But when it comes to expanding access to the ballot box, New York is lagging behind.

    Thirty-seven states and D.C. have early voting. Early voting expands voting beyond Election Day. It gives every voter a chance to participate, no matter their work or family obligations or how much help they need to get to the polls.1

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he supports early voting. But he refused to fund it in his 2017 and 2018 executive budgets.2 The governor has until Feb. 14 to submit revisions to this year’s budget, and our partners at the "Let NY Vote" coalition are working hard to make sure he changes his mind on early voting. Can you add your name today?

    Tell Gov. Cuomo: Provide funding for early voting in your executive budget.

    Trump and the right-wing Republican extremists who enable him are trying to rig our voting systems for their Party’s benefit. We have to do everything we can to block his extreme agenda, but we also have to work hard to pass good laws that help bring more people to the polls. New York has an opportunity to do that, but only if Gov. Cuomo puts his money where he says his priorities are.

    For early voting to become reality in New York, it has to pass the state legislature. But as an unfunded mandate to counties, which would then have to shoulder the costs, it is dead on arrival, especially in the Republican-controlled Senate. Implementing early voting would cost $6.4 million, and compared to the governor’s $168 billion budget, it seems a small price to pay to expand voting to more New Yorkers.3

    In his 2017 State of the State, Gov. Cuomo claimed that “voting is the cornerstone of our democracy.” If he really believed that, he would stop paying lip service to the policies that could help expand the franchise and start funding them.

    The “Let NY Vote” coalition is going to deliver your signatures to Gov. Cuomo on Wednesday, Feb. 14. The more signatures, the greater the pressure on the governor to do the right thing. Sign today to tell Gov. Cuomo to fund early voting.

    Thanks for your activism.


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