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It’s time for FedEx to break ties with the NRA

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The petition to FedEx reads:

“The NRA is a dangerous extremist group. Its ‘guns everywhere’ agenda threatens public safety and makes it almost impossible to pass gun control legislation at the federal or state level. It’s time to stop supporting them.”

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    It’s time for FedEx to break ties with the NRA

    From Parkland, Florida to Santa Fe, Texas. The NRA is killing us.

    We can't stop the epidemic of gun violence in this country, if we don't stop the NRA. A key part of doing this is stopping the corporate partners that enable and legitimize its toxic extremism.

    Since the Parkland shooting, companies have severed ties in droves. But FedEx is sticking with the NRA. We're now 5 months into 2018, and we've had 22 school shootings, 101 mass shootings, 5,400 deaths and almost 10,000 injuries. It’s time for FedEx to choose a side.

    Tell FedEx: Stop enabling the NRA’s extremism.

    The NRA has a chokehold on politicians that keeps most federal- or state-level bills about gun control from even getting a vote. It spent at least $55 million in the 2016 election cycle to advance not only its “guns everywhere” agenda, but right-wing Republican extremism more broadly, including at least $30 million that was directly focused on electing racist, misogynistic, xenophobic Trump.3

    In addition to this massive political spending, the NRA is able to claim power through its 5 million-person membership. The dues paid by those members help fuel the NRA’s deadly agenda – from its efforts to arm and train teachers, its support of police militarization, its publications which aim to normalize its agenda and radicalize its base to its rabidly racist, and xenophobic, NRATV.4,5,6

    One of the things that helps drive NRA membership are the benefits that come from being a member, like discounted shipping with FedEx. FedEx's endorsement helps legitimize the NRA; the perks of membership help encourage people to spend from $40 to $1,500 to become NRA members. Despite overwhelming pressure that began after the Pulse massacre in Orlando and increased after Parkland, FedEx has chosen to keep aligning itself with the NRA. Now, we have the opportunity to increase the pressure even more.

    Can you add your name today to demand that FedEx stop feeding the NRA's extremism?

    Thanks for helping us stand up to the NRA.


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