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Tell the New Jersey Legislature: Stand up for solar

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"Vote for A3723 and S2314 to keep New Jersey's solar industry growing and expand opportunities for solar in every community."

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    Tell the New Jersey Legislature: Stand up for solar

    New Jersey came so close to enacting a strong new law to support solar energy – and then Chris Christie got in the way. In January, New Jersey's state legislature passed an important bill to bring solar power to more communities across the state and increase the state's mandate for using renewable energy.

    It should have been a major victory for solar power. But Gov. Chris Christie blocked the bill by refusing to sign it before he left office – forcing the legislature to start the process all over again.1

    With a new governor in office, we now have a chance to get the bill over the finish line. A new version of the solar bill is up for an important committee vote this week, and the full legislature will vote soon after. We need to act fast to make sure New Jersey lawmakers in both the Assembly and Senate stand up for solar power.

    Tell the New Jersey State Legislature: Stand up for solar power. Vote for Assembly Bill 3723/Senate Bill 2314.

    New Jersey ranks among the nation’s leading solar states, with more than 7,000 local solar jobs and nearly 400,000 homes powered by solar.2 This bill would build on that success with a range of initiatives designed to encourage solar industry growth and increase access to solar power.

    The bill would create New Jersey's first community solar program, allowing families and individuals to benefit from solar even if they are not able to install solar panels at home. The community solar program would give consideration to residential customers in multifamily buildings and low- to moderate-income customers. Community solar would allow more people to go solar for the first time, making sure that everyone can participate in and benefit from New Jersey’s clean energy economy.

    The bill would also ramp up New Jersey's Renewable Portfolio Standard – the rule that requires power companies to include an increasing percentage of renewable energy in the energy they sell. Under the new bill, companies selling energy in New Jersey would have to get at least 50 percent of that energy from renewable sources by 2030.3

    More clean energy means more local jobs, more consumer energy choice and more resilient communities across the Garden State. It also helps us tackle the climate crisis by transitioning away from dirty fossil fuels.

    As the Trump administration tries to reverse all our progress on renewable energy, we need to fight back in New Jersey and everywhere else with state laws that will keep us on track toward a clean energy future.

    Tell the New Jersey State Legislature: Stand up for solar power. Vote for Assembly Bill 3723/Senate Bill 2314.


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