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Democrats: Protect our democracy. Impeach Barr and Trump.

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"Defend our democracy. Immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr."

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    Democrats: Protect our democracy. Impeach Barr and Trump.

    The entire world just watched Attorney General William Barr participate in a blatant cover-up on behalf of the racist autocrat who occupies the White House.

    Barr lied to millions of Americans by declaring Trump's innocence but we now know that Trump is far from exonerated. Mueller put full responsibility for checking Trump's corrupt use of power and defending our democracy on Congress. Now we need to make sure that Congress acts.

    House Democrats must immediately act to defend our democracy.

    Barr's press conference was an obvious attempt to spin the public's view of the report and control the media cycle before Congress, or the American people, got a chance to see the report. The Attorney General is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, yet he is acting as the president's personal publicist and defense attorney.

    Throughout this process, William Barr's top priority has been to protect Donald Trump at the expense of the rule of law. His behavior today proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is incapable of being the country's chief law enforcement officer.

    We now know that special counsel Robert Mueller's report laid out 10 distinct episodes of potential obstruction of justice.1 But even before today, we already knew that Donald Trump was entirely unfit for office, and has repeatedly acted with a disqualifying contempt for the rule of law. Whether it’s attempting to ban an entire religion from the United States, firing a law enforcement official investigating his campaign, or personally ordering his lawyer to lie to the American people about an extramarital affair, there is more than enough in the public record right now for Democrats to move forward with impeachment against Trump, and against Barr.

    We need House Democrats to open impeachment proceedings against Trump and Barr, and use all relevant content from the Mueller report to hold this administration accountable.

    Tell House Democrats: Start impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump and his loyalist William Barr.

    Despite Barr's supposed commitment to an open and transparent process, he repeatedly met with White House officials in recent weeks to discuss the contents of the report. For weeks, the White House prepared their rebuttal, while Congress and the American people were left in the dark.

    The release of the report has been a partisan effort driven by Trump, and Barr, to "completely exonerate" the Trump administration. But we know that Trump is guilty of holding our democracy hostage and harming the American people – and we can no longer allow Trump and his appointees to continue to undermine our democratic institutions.

    Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have a choice to make, and the path they choose will speak volumes about their commitment to our democracy and to the communities Trump threatens every day: Will they continue to play politics as usual or will they step up to use their power to impeach both Donald Trump and William Barr?


    Photo: Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images