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Stop the Republican assault on healthy meals for kids

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The petition to the U.S. House reads:

"Recent changes to child nutrition standards have been a huge success. They are providing vulnerable and low-income school children with healthy nutritious food and have reduced obesity and chronic disease. Reject the House version of the Child Nutrition Reauthorization that seeks to roll back this progress."

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    Stop the Republican assault on healthy meals for kids

    Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle don’t agree on much, but you’d hope they could agree on this: America’s school kids deserve access to healthy, nutritious food regardless of their parents’ income or geography.

    Yet Republicans in the U.S. House have another plan for America’s children, especially those living in low-income households.

    Backed by Big Food corporate special interests, these extreme Republican House members have introduced legislation that would dismantle critical child nutrition standards and allow more junk food into schools. We need to speak out now and stop this assault on healthy school meals.

    Tell the U.S. House: Reject the House Republican Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill.

    School nutrition reforms first implemented in 2010 have been a huge success. Despite only costing two percent as much as the federal defense budget, these reforms serve over 30 million children each day and have required school cafeterias to serve more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while reducing sugar and salt from meals.1

    It’s been estimated that since progressive child nutrition standards were implemented over five years ago, nearly two million cases of childhood obesity have been prevented, saving up to $792 million in health-care related costs over ten years.2

    But after years of success providing kids with nutritious food in school, the food industry and their hand-picked Republicans in the House are attempting to roll back that progress to pad its bottom line by allowing sugary and salty foods back into school meal programs.

    Sign the petition: Reject the House Republican Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill.

    After nearly a year of intense negotiation, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate found bipartisan agreement on a child nutrition bill that both progressive food advocates and many in the food industry found acceptable. But dangerous new legislation in the House would dismantle critical programs to provide low-income children – the ones most vulnerable to obesity and chronic disease – the healthy food they so desperately need.

    The Senate has already passed acceptable legislation to continue providing kids with healthy, fresh nutritious meals. It’s time for the House to follow suit and reject attempts by the Big Food lobby to dismantle years of progress.

    Tell the U.S. House: Reject the House Republican Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill.

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