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Tell Congress: Support the Green New Deal

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The petition to Congress reads:

"Stand with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and and Sen. Markey and sign on to their Resolution for a Green New Deal. Help transition the United States to 100 percent clean energy by 2030, invest in communities on the frontlines of poverty and pollution, and guarantee a good job to anyone ready to make this happen."

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    Tell Congress: Support the Green New Deal

    The future of this country – and the rest of the planet – just got a little brighter. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey recently introduced an ambitious resolution for a Green New Deal, and so far 92 representatives and 12 senators have signed on as cosponsors.1

    The Green New Deal is the only climate plan big enough to meet the climate crisis: a sweeping overhaul of the economy from fossil fuels towards 100% clean energy within 10 years.2

    It will take the fight of a lifetime to make such an ambitious plan reality. But the good news is that we have enormous momentum on our side, far more than we could have imagined even a few months ago.3 Now we need to make sure that this momentum translates into real progress towards a clean energy future.

    Tell Congress: Sign onto the Green New Deal.

    Named for Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal that helped lift the United States out of the Depression, the Green New Deal is both a climate plan and a proposal for economic justice. The resolution aims to retrain workers, create millions of good union jobs in clean energy and address fossil fuel pollution and climate impacts affecting frontline communities.4

    Like the original New Deal, this plan would mean a major transformation of our economy. To achieve its goals, we would need to accomplish a lot that is not explicitly mentioned in the plan, like keeping existing fossil fuels in the ground. This vision is bold – but it is necessary and it is possible. We already know what we need to do to get off of fossil fuels today.5 What we need is the political will.

    This resolution is the first step. If we push as many of our elected officials to sign on as possible, we will force congressional leadership to recognize that there is a powerful movement behind the Green New Deal, and we are fighting to win. The climate crisis is too urgent to do anything else.

    Tell Congress: Sign onto the Green New Deal.


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