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Tell the Florida Legislature: Gun control now

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The petition to the Florida Legislature reads:

“Put your constituents before the National Rifle Association. Pass an assault weapons ban, (H.B. 219/S.B. 196), universal background checks for all gun sales (S.B. 838) and the Risk Protections Orders Act (H.B. 231/S.B. 530).”

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    Tell the Florida Legislature: Gun control now

    Last week, in front on student survivors of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 71 Florida lawmakers voted against having public debate and a vote to ban assault weapons in Florida. All but a small handful have an A or A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.1

    Stoneman Douglas junior Cameron Kasky recently told CNN that elected officials are either with the students or against them.2 Those 71 craven and cowardly legislators showed Kasky, his fellow survivors, and every student, parent and voter in Florida to whom they owe allegiance – the NRA.

    Florida’s legislative session ends on March 9. Right now, we can show the Parkland survivors that we are with them by demanding that legislators pass real gun control bills before their session ends.

    Tell the Florida Legislature: Pass an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and the Risk Protection Order Act.

    The Florida Legislature had a range of gun control proposals to consider this session, but none looked likely to pass. Now, Republicans are trying to push modest reforms, like raising the legal age to make a gun purchase from 18 to 21 and banning bump stocks, while they block any real efforts to significantly improve gun safety. The crowds in Tallahassee last week and the mass mobilization of students across the state prove that Floridians expect them to do more.

    H.B. 219, the bill the NRA’s lackeys refused to even consider, would have banned weapons of war. The Legislature should bring that bill to the floor for debate and vote for it, and it should do the same for:

    • S.B. 838, which would mandate universal background checks for all gun sales. A national poll released this week indicates that 97 percent of Americans support universal background checks for gun sales.3
    • H.B. 231/S.B. 530, the Risk Protection Orders Act, which would allow families or law enforcement to ask a court to temporarily suspend a person's access to firearms if the person is threatening harm to themselves or others.4

    It’s important to remember that those 71 House members didn’t vote no on an assault weapons ban Tuesday, they voted no on even having a debate and a vote on an assault weapons ban. They are afraid of having to go on the record about whether they care more about the NRA or the safety of their constituents.

    Florida politicians who refuse to even go on the record about gun control are providing cover for the NRA’s reckless, dangerous “guns everywhere” agenda. They need to get the message loud and clear that their constituents have had enough. Can you add your name today to keep the pressure on?

    Thanks for everything you’re doing to make Florida safer and stand up to the NRA.


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