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Tell the Florida State Legislature: Ban fracking now.

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"Florida's aquifer system is too precious to threaten with toxic fracking chemicals and wastewater. Pass SB 462/HB 237 to ban fracking in Florida."

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    Tell the Florida State Legislature: Ban fracking now.

    Earlier this month, a Florida Senate subcommittee voted to advance a bill that would ban fracking in Florida. But now that bill faces an uphill battle to become law.

    Imagine the destruction to Florida's natural environment that fracking could cause. Fracking spills can easily contaminate drinking water with carcinogenic chemicals,1 and they are extremely common – 16 percent of fracking wells in other states have caused spills.2

    Florida is a special place, with an irreplaceable aquifer system that provides our drinking water and includes over 700 freshwater springs.3 We must act to protect our unique home before it's too late.

    Tell the Florida Legislature: Pass S.B. 462/H.B. 237 to ban fracking in Florida.

    Fracking is risky anywhere, but Florida's porous limestone aquifer system makes the state an especially reckless place to try it. Fracking wastewater is typically injected back into the ground, hopefully deep enough to avoid getting into the groundwater.

    But given Florida's unique geology, scientists cannot predict exactly what areas would leak toxic chemicals into the water supply.4 Florida's rapid flow aquifers mean that contaminants could reach irrigation and drinking water fast enough to pose health risks before any effective warnings could be issued.5

    Fracking also releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas that traps 87 times more heat than carbon dioxide.6 Florida is already facing the consequences of climate change. The state should be investing in clean solar energy, not environmentally destructive fossil fuel extraction.

    While no companies are currently fracking Florida, in 2014 one company used a similar procedure, called acid fracturing, to shoots acids into the ground to release natural gas.7 Without a permanent ban, others could do the same.

    Tell the Florida Legislature: Pass S.B. 462/H.B. 237 to ban fracking in Florida.

    With so much at stake, fracking is a bipartisan concern. Nearly 90 local governments in Florida already ban fracking.8 The fracking ban bill has 12 co-sponsors, five Republicans and seven Democrats, and another Florida Senate committee has also voted unanimously to advance the bill.9

    But the bill faces opposition from influential business groups, including the Florida Petroleum Council.10 To counteract their influence, we need to make our voices loud and clear when we say that Florida must ban fracking permanently – now, before it's too late.

    Tell the Florida Legislature: Pass S.B. 462/H.B. 237 to ban fracking in Florida.


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