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Tell the Department of Homeland Security: Extend Temporary Protected Status

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Tell the Department of Homeland Security:

“Extend Temporary Protected Status for Central America and Haiti.”

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    Tell the Department of Homeland Security: Extend Temporary Protected Status

    This is what a mass deportation strategy looks like. The Trump regime just gave 3,000 Nicaraguans 14 months to leave to the country. They are threatening to deliver the same horrific news to more than 300,000 immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Honduras soon.1

    These people, most of whom have lived, worked and raised families in the U.S for decades, are at risk of deportation because the Trump administration is waging an all-out war on immigrants. They have already gone after refugees and immigrants protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Now they are targeting immigrants who have Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Congress authorized TPS in 1990 as a form of humanitarian relief. It lets immigrants from countries destabilized by war, natural disaster or other humanitarian crises work and live without fear of deportation.2

    Now Trump’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is trying to take TPS away. Revoking TPS will throw hundreds of thousands of people into immigration limbo and leave them vulnerable to Trump’s rogue, racist deportation forces. We have to raise our voices now to make sure DHS officials know that we are not going to let them take away TPS without a fight.

    Tell the Department of Homeland Security: Extend TPS for Honduras, El Salvador and Haiti.

    Trump has proven again and again that he will throw anyone under the bus to cater to his nativist base. That base is demanding that he upend our immigration system and replace a system that prioritizes open doors, safe harbor and a commitment to diversity with one that closes our doors, ignores conflicts and crises across the globe and values immigrants for their earning potential over their humanity.

    He is feeding them just what they want with TPS. In May, John Kelly, then DHS secretary and now White House chief of staff, extended TPS for Haitians for 6 months "to prepare for and arrange their departure from the United States."3 Last week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent acting the head of DHS, Elaine Duke, a letter saying that TPS was no longer necessary for Central America or Haiti.4 These officials are not only turning their backs on people with deep roots in our communities, but they are also engaging in willful blindness about the situations in their home countries. As our friends at America’s Voice point out:

    These nations are in no condition to receive 300,000 returnees. In Haiti, forcing the return of 50,000 people would disrupt the fragile recovery, exacerbate the food, housing, and public health crises, and potentially destabilize the new government. In El Salvador and Honduras, the return of over 250,000 people would strain government services and lead to job displacement in countries besieged by violence, narcotics trafficking and weak institutions.5

    Immigrant rights activists, congressional allies (including some Republicans), the governments of Haiti and Honduras, and even the U.S. Chamber of Congress have lobbied DHS to maintain TPS protections.6 Ultimately, the only path to fully protecting TPS recipients lies with Congress, which could offer more permanent protection.7 But right now, DHS needs to hear from tens of thousands of people who stand with TPS holders. That’s why we are joining our friends at UndocuBlack, New York Immigrant Coalition and America’s Voice to raise this issue and our voices. Can you sign the petition today?

    Sign today to tell the Department of Homeland Security to extend TPS for Central America and Haiti.

    Thank you for fighting back against Trump’s extremist hate.


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