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“Pass legislation that expands Social Security benefits and ensures a more secure retirement for all, not just the wealthy few.”

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    Tell Congress: Expand Social Security

    In most wealthy, developed countries, retirement systems replace enough pre-retirement income to allow their citizens to survive and maintain a decent and dignified standard of living.

    But a new report on America’s retirement crisis from the Economic Policy Institute shows that, in the United States, that just isn’t the case. According to the report, Americans are much less likely to retire in their 60s than their counterparts in other countries, leading to much higher levels of seniors who are working and poor.1

    That’s why we’re seizing this moment — together with our friends at Daily Kos, Social Security Works, and other progressive groups — to send a message to make sure Congress knows there’s massive grassroots support for expanding Social Security.

    Tell Congress: Expand Social Security now.

    According to the report, 30 percent of 65 - 69 year-olds in the United States are employed, as compared to 20 percent of 65 - 69 year olds in similarly wealthy, developed countries.

    That discrepancy is being driven by America’s inadequate retirement system that replaces too small a portion of pre-retirement income compared to other nations. This is largely due to the shift from traditional pensions to do-it-yourself retirement savings plans like 401(k) investment plans, causing financial insecurity for millions of current and future retirees.

    And while right-wing members of Congress continually push the ridiculous and disastrous idea that Social Security benefits need to be cut, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the program should be expanded.

    There’s no shortage of smart ideas to strengthen and expand the system, including adjusting the cost-of-living formula to more accurately reflect inflation, and raising the cap on earnings that are subject to the Social Security payroll tax, which would force the wealthy to pay their fair share into the trust fund.

    All that’s missing is a serious commitment from Congress to actually fix our retirement system so that a secure retirement is available to all Americans, not just the wealthy few.

    I hope you’ll join us in sending a strong message to members of Congress in both parties: Social Security should be expanded, not cut.

    Tell Congress: Expand Social Security now.

    Thank you for your activism.

    1. Monique Morrissey and Ross Eisenbrey, "The real American retirement crisis," Economic Policy Institute, January 7, 2016.