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Tell Betsy DeVos: Stop trying to weaponize schools

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"Stop trying to weaponize schools and educators. Use Title IV funds for their intended purpose – to improve schools."

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    Tell Betsy DeVos: Stop trying to weaponize schools

    Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos' ideas about educating our children come in two flavors: bad and worse. First, she kept gun violence off the agenda for the school safety commission she convened after the Parkland shooting. Now, she is considering using federal funds to put guns in teachers' hands.1

    This week, there was another mass shooting in Florida, the 253rd of 2018. This year, more than 2,300 children have been injured or killed by gun violence.2 Students and their families deserve safe, welcoming schools where everyone can learn and thrive, not war zones weaponized by politicians in the pocket of the NRA.

    We need to push back on DeVos' dangerous plan now.

    Tell Betsy DeVos: Stop trying to weaponize schools and educators.

    The Trump administration's reckless commitment to arming educators shows how out of touch they are with how to create safe school environments and how committed they are to the NRA's guns everywhere agenda. But DeVos' latest plan also proves how incapable she is of serving the children most in need of strong, effective public schools.

    Under questioning from Texas and Oklahoma, she's considering letting states use funds from Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants, also known as Title IV, to arm educators. Congress and federal agencies have historically blocked federal dollars from being used for guns in schools, but Title IV doesn't explicitly ban weapons purchases. It would be the highest form of negligence for DeVos to let states exploit that dangerous loophole.

    Title IV funds are designed to help the county's poorest schools offer and a well-rounded education (including art, music, college and career counseling, and STEM) to students, improve school conditions, support students' health and safety, and increase their effective use of technology. We can't let DeVos steal from some of our neediest communities to weaponize our schools.

    Add you name to ramp up the pressure against this dangerous plan.

    Thanks for standing up to Betsy DeVos' extremism.


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