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Tell the House: Restore net neutrality

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"Restore net neutrality. Support the joint resolution of disapproval overturning the FCC's reversal of the 2015 Open Internet rules."

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    Tell the House: Restore net neutrality

    One year ago today, Trump's FCC voted to end net neutrality. Since then, we have fought an uphill battle to bring it back.

    Thanks to massive public pressure, 180 House members signed onto a resolution to overturn the FCC's decision. But the resolution needs 217 representatives to pass – and we only have until the end of this congressional session.

    To be honest, our chances of getting all the votes we need to win back net neutrality this year are slim. But we have to try – especially when it comes to pushing the 17 Democrats who are astoundingly still not on the record in support of net neutrality. We will need them in future fights, because we are not giving up now.

    Tell House representatives: Restore net neutrality.

    Trump's FCC Chairman Ajit Pai ignored the will of millions of Americans when he led the effort to kill net neutrality last December. Under his internet rules, big cable companies have much more power to control what we can see, say and do online.

    But Congress has the power, and the responsibility, to right this wrong. Thanks to the Congressional Review Act, Congress can overrule regulations by passing a joint resolution of disapproval.2 Republicans in Congress used the process when they repealed important broadband privacy protections.

    Unlike the FCC, members of Congress are elected and they must answer to us. But just like Trump's FCC chairman, the 17 House Democrats who haven't yet signed on are in the pockets of Comcast and AT&T. They have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Telecom.3

    Democrats opposing internet freedom is unacceptable. We need to get as many representatives to sign on to restore net neutrality as possible – and we must make sure that every Democrat in elected office knows that net neutrality is a non-negotiable progressive priority.

    Tell House representatives: Restore net neutrality.


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