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Democrats: Defend the Supreme Court from Donald Trump’s extremism

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Tell Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and all Democratic senators:

"Defend the Supreme Court from Donald Trump’s racist, fascist agenda. Do not vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch or for cloture to end Sen. Merkley’s filibuster of his confirmation."

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    Democrats: Defend the Supreme Court from Donald Trump’s extremism

    Donald Trump is a racist and a fascist. His extremist Republican party is committed to a xenophobic and misogynistic agenda. Together, they want to build a Supreme Court that will legitimize their hateful policies, undo decades of civil rights progress and destroy the foundations of our democracy.

    Senate Democrats are the only firewall we have against a Trump court. They must stand united to block the nomination of Neil Gorsuch.

    Progressive champion Sen. Jeff Merkley has promised to use the filibuster to force Senate Republicans to get 60 votes to confirm Gorsuch. We need to make sure every other Senate Democrat stands with Sen. Merkley and refuses to collaborate with extremist Senate Republicans eager to stack the court with justices who will attack women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, workers, the environment and the bedrock principles of our democracy.

    Tell Senate Democrats: Defend the Supreme Court from Trump’s extremism. Stand united in opposition to Neil Gorsuch.

    Senate Republicans cannot get to 60 votes without at least eight Democratic senators, which gives Democrats the power to act like an opposition party instead of a minority one and refuse to let the Supreme Court fall into Trump’s hands. Democrats must remember that the majority of Americans are against Trump and the Republican Party. They rejected Trump’s agenda of hate and xenophobia by almost 3 million votes.

    A Trump Court could institutionalize his extremism for generations. As progressives, we must demand that Democrats refuse to help build a court that will:

    • Overturn Roe v. Wade and wage war on women;
    • Block the government’s ability to fight climate change;
    • Undermine the Voting Rights Act and give a green light to voter suppression;
    • Discriminate against LGBTQ people, especially transgender people;
    • Legitimize Trump’s attacks on Muslims, immigrants and people of color; and
    • Give corporations unchecked political power and unchecked power over consumers and workers

    Senate Democrats have a choice to make: They can hand the Supreme Court over to a fascist or fight for the people most threatened by Trump’s dangerous agenda. It should not be a difficult choice to make, but they won’t stand strong unless there’s massive public pressure demanding they do so.

    Tell Senate Democrats: Defend the Supreme Court from Trump’s extremism. Stand united in opposition to Neil Gorsuch.

    With Roe v. Wade hanging in the balance, Senate Democrats must stay united in opposition to Gorsuch. They need to understand that if they hold the line — most importantly on the cloture vote that could end Sen. Merkley’s filibuster — progressives will have their backs.

    They also need to understand that a vote to advance Gorsuch’s nomination and turn the Supreme Court over to Donald Trump and extremist Republicans would be a vote against women, people of color, Muslims, immigrants, workers and the environment and would be a permanent stain on any senator’s record. There is no excuse for any Democrat to support Gorsuch or vote yes on cloture.

    We should be able to count on Democrats to be fierce, relentless and uncompromising in their defense of the Supreme Court. We have to show them that we will have their backs if they act boldly and will hold them accountable if they fail.

    Thanks for helping defend our Supreme Court.