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Block the spread of 3D-printed guns

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"Stop the spread of dangerous 3D-printed 'ghost' guns by blocking the publication of gun blueprints and banning the manufacture or possession of untraceable, undetectable and downloadable 3D guns."

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    Block the spread of 3D-printed guns

    Downloadable death. The ultimate gun show loophole. Undetectable. Untraceable. 3D-printed "ghost" guns are a real threat.

    Plastic guns made with 3D printers lack serial numbers and can escape detection by metal detectors. And blueprints may soon be widely available online – so anyone with a good enough 3D printer could set up shop and produce their own guns, without any limits.1

    It's a recipe for disaster in a nation already drowning in too many guns and suffering too many gun deaths. Congress must act immediately to save thousands of lives by preventing the spread of 3D-printed "ghost" guns.

    Block the spread of 3D-printed "ghost" guns.

    The new threat from 3D guns shows Trump's ultimate fealty to the NRA. A few years ago, a right-wing libertarian posted detailed blueprints for a plastic gun online. The Obama administration sued to remove the information. But Trump's Department of Justice settled the court case – paying the man thousands for his legal fees and paving the way for the blueprints' wide release. Currently, only a combined lawsuit from state attorneys general is blocking Trump's reckless refusal to stand up for gun control.2

    The 3D gun threat also shows the need to get ahead of trends in technology. Whether or not these blueprints are released, the threat of 3D-printed weapons will remain. 3D printers – which can create almost any object, one layer of plastic at a time – are getting cheaper and more sophisticated. Soon, almost anyone may be able to download schematics and print off a gun of their own.3

    No background checks. No serial number to trace the gun in event of a crime. No metal that sets off screening technologies. It's terrifying.

    Democrats in Congress have moved to thwart this threat with bills that would block the current disputed blueprints from being released and take on the larger issue: banning the manufacture and possession of these "ghost" guns.4 The government could potentially employ similar measures to those currently used to prevent people from creating counterfeit money with tools like Adobe Photoshop.5 But getting NRA loyalists in Congress to act will take massive pressure from people across the country declaring that guns are already far too easy to access in our country and demanding that politicians act to save lives.

    Block the spread of 3D-printed "ghost" guns.

    Thank you for speaking out.


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    photo: Kelly West/Getty Images