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Tell 2020 Democratic candidates: Restore net neutrality

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This petition to 2020 Democratic presidential candidates reads:

"Pledge to appoint FCC commissioners who will restore strong net neutrality rules"

    Tell 2020 Democratic candidates: Restore net neutrality

    A federal appeals court affirmed that the Federal Communications Commission's murder of the internet was lawful.1

    This is undoubtedly a setback in winning back net neutrality. But civil rights defenders just like you have never backed down from a fight for justice. This time is no different.

    Now more than ever, we must make sure that Democratic 2020 candidates support a free and open internet and publicly commit to restoring net neutrality in their first 100 days.

    Tell 2020 Democratic candidates: Restore net neutrality.

    Losing the open internet has been particularly harmful for communities of color, who rely on it to organize, create economic opportunity and fight back against oppression. Our fight for every progressive issue depends on the open internet. If companies like Comcast and AT&T get to decide who can communicate, we all lose.

    Our activism has already pushed Democrats in the House of Representatives to pass the Save the Internet Act.1 But Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring the legislation up for a vote.2 We need to keep the pressure on him, but we also have to go around him. If the next president appoints FCC commissioners who will give us back the free and open Internet, Mitch McConnell and his Republican lackies in Congress won't be able to stop them.

    With the telecom industry throwing millions of dollars at presidential candidates, there's no telling which ones will make the right decision on their own.3 That's why we're joining with Fight for the Future, Demand Progress and other progressive partners to force all Democratic 2020 hopefuls go on record now.

    Tell 2020 Democrats: Appoint FCC commissioners who will restore the free and open internet.

    Thanks for fighting back.


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