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Deadline tomorrow: Stop Governor Brown's plan to frack California

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    Deadline tomorrow: Stop Governor Brown's plan to frack California

    2013 was California's driest year in recorded history.1 But the devastating drought isn't stopping Governor Brown from signing off on a massive expansion of water-intensive fracking, which not only permanently contaminates vast quantities of water but also fuels climate-change-driven extreme drought.

    Governor Brown's administration recently proposed regulations that, far from protecting California from toxic fracking, give it an official stamp of approval.2 The state is accepting public comments on the regulations until Tuesday, which gives us a crucial opportunity to demonstrate the depth and intensity of public opposition to fracking by flooding the state with tens of thousands of public comments condemning this dangerous proposal -- and, hopefully, pressure Governor Brown to change course.

    Tell Governor Brown: Scrap your dangerous fracking regulations and ban fracking now.

    The most important flaw in Governor Brown's fracking regulations is that they allow fracking, as well as other dangerous oil-extraction techniques like acidizing, in which huge quantities of acid are injected underground. There are no regulations that can make fracking safe. However it's regulated, fracking contaminates water, produces toxic air pollution, creates dangerous wastewater, industrializes communities, and accelerates climate change by allowing the fossil fuel industry to burn and extract otherwise inaccessible oil and gas.

    Governor Brown has called climate change "the world's greatest existential challenge," repeatedly stated his commitment to reducing carbon pollution from fossil fuels, and fought for renewable energy.3 But Governor Brown can't have it both ways: No real climate leader would frack California. Fossil fuel companies already have proven reserves of oil, gas and coal far greater than what we can burn without hurtling over the climate cliff, so there's just no excuse to extract even more oil with fracking.

    Activists across the state are organizing to ban fracking in their cities and counties, to pressure their state legislators into standing up for a statewide ban on fracking, and to confront Governor Brown wherever he makes a public appearance. This public comment period gives us a chance to come together to speak out against fracking and call on Governor Brown to protect our state from this irredeemably toxic industry.

    Tell Governor Brown: Scrap your dangerous fracking regulations and ban fracking now.

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