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Stop the Comcast-TimeWarner merger

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    Stop the Comcast-TimeWarner merger

    There probably aren’t very many Americans who think that Comcast -- the nation’s largest cable and Internet company -- should be even bigger and even more powerful than it already is.

    But if Comcast’s pending $45.2 billion purchase of Time Warner Cable is allowed to move forward, it would create a massive corporate media conglomerate unlike anything we’ve seen before,1 controlling the Internet access for an astounding 60% of U.S. households.2

    A combined Comcast-Time Warner would decrease competition, increase cable and Internet costs for tens of millions of Americans and threaten the free and open nature of the Internet as we know it. The FCC can stop this dangerous consolidation of our media from taking place by blocking the proposed merger, but that won’t happen unless we demand it.

    Deadline Monday: Submit a public comment now telling the FCC to take a stand against media consolidation and stop the disastrous Comcast-Time Warner merger.

    One of the biggest threats posed by this proposed merger is to a free and open Internet. Comcast owns countless movie studios and television networks, including big names like Universal Studios and NBC. Allowing this merger to move forward would create an unacceptable economic incentive for a the company to restrict bandwidth or discriminate in other ways against competing content providers like Netflix.

    Comcast has a well-deserved reputation for treating its customers poorly.3 In fact, in an annual survey of consumers this spring, it topped Monsanto, Koch Industries and Verizon to be voted the “worst company in America.”4 The FCC shouldn’t allow such a massive and disliked company to become bigger and even more powerful than it already is.

    Predictably, Comcast has hired an army of Washington, DC lobbyists and is doing everything in its power to push this deal through. It has even gone as far as spending $110,000 on a dinner honoring one of the Democrats on the FCC5 -- a donation that Comcast had to redirect as a general donation to the sponsoring organization after it came under public scrutiny.

    The FCC is taking public comments on the proposal for the next few days, so we need to rise up in opposition today.

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