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Tell House representatives to vote NO on the Ryan-Trump mass deportation bill

Tell House representatives to vote NO on the Ryan-Trump mass deportation bill

This week, the Value Our Families campaign will keep the heat on House members to defeat Paul Ryan and Donald Trump's Border Security and Immigration Reform Act, which is scheduled for a floor vote this Friday, June 22.

Our activism is working. Already, calls made to congressional offices helped to defeat the anti-immigrant Goodlatte bill. Now, we must keep pushing to stop the Ryan-Trump bill from ever becoming law.

Given the widespread news coverage and public outrage toward Trump’s administration for tearing apart children from their parents and putting them in cages, we will integrate what’s happening at the border into our overall message to beat back on these bills.

NOTE: Be diligent to not conflate the separation of families that arrive at the border versus the separation of families by ending family reunification policies and the Diversity Visa program.


Hello, my name is [YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME]. I’m calling to tell Rep. [LAST NAME] to vote NO on the Ryan-Trump anti-immigrant bill. This bill will keep families apart and block Americans (LIKE ME) from reuniting with (MY/THEIR CHILDREN OR MY/THEIR SISTER/BROTHER].

And we know NOTHING in this bill stops the Trump administration from tearing children away from their parents at the border. Will Rep. [LAST NAME] defend immigrant families and vote NO on the Ryan-Trump anti-immigrant bill?

We hope [HE/SHE] would protect immigrant families as [HE/SHE] would protect [HIS/HER] own.


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