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Crucial committee vote on Thursday: Call now to stop Trump's CFPB nominee

Crucial committee vote on Thursday: Call now to stop Trump's CFPB nominee

The Senate Banking Committee is expected to vote Thursday on the confirmation of Kathy Kraninger, Trump's totally unqualified nominee to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Kraninger currently works as a deputy in the Office of Management and Budget, overseeing among other things the Trump administration's child separation policy.

Kraninger has yet to detail her role in separating children from their parents. But she either helped craft the policy, or was utterly negligent in doing her job. Either way, she doesn't deserve a promotion.

We must speak out now to urge key members of the committee to do everything in their power to stop her from taking over the CFPB.


I'm calling to urge the Senator to oppose the confirmation of Kathy Kraninger to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I am troubled by Kraninger's role in Trump's family separation policy and her complete lack of relevant experience. I urge the senator to oppose her confirmation. Thank you for your time.

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