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Make a call now: Stop Big Oil’s California climate bill.

Make a call now: Stop Big Oil’s California climate bill.

While California is leading the anti-Trump resistance on many fronts, Gov. Brown and Democrats in Sacramento are on the verge of jamming through a climate bill that is full of special favors for Big Oil and exemptions from existing air pollution laws.

Key votes on this so-called climate bill could take place as soon as today, so we need to act fast to pressure California legislators to reject it and instead focus on real climate solutions


Hi, my name is YOUR NAME and I'm calling to express my opposition to Assembly Bill 398. The bill would give Big Oil and other polluters within the cap-and-trade system a free pass from crucial rules that protect our health and climate. We need strong climate policies. This bill is insufficient.

Can I count on the [Assemblymember/Senator] to vote no on AB 398?

Thank you for your time.

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