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URGENT calls needed: Time to stop Trumpcare again

URGENT calls needed: Time to stop Trumpcare again

Cruel and craven Republicans are trying to gut our health care again and they plan to vote on the latest version of Trumpcare, known as Graham-Cassidy, in the next few days. Call key senators now and demand that they block this dangerous bill.

Due to high call volumes, we are trying D.C. and state offices. If you are connected to the same senator twice or get a busy signal, press the star (*) key to move on to the next call.


Hello, my name is YOUR NAME and I’m calling to demand that the senator protect our health care.

The Graham-Cassidy bill is just as devastating as all the other versions of Trumpcare. It would take away health care from millions of Americans.

I expect the senator to do the right thing and stand up for the health and wellbeing of every American. Can I count on the senator to do everything in their power to protect our health care and block the Graham-Cassidy bill?

Thank you for your time.

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