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Stop The Trump Tax Scam: Call key Senate Republicans

Stop The Trump Tax Scam: Call key Senate Republicans

The Trump Tax Scam – a huge give-away to the ultra-wealthy and giant corporations – would be disastrous for most Americans. Even as Republican leadership has tried to rush it through, key Republicans have expressed their doubts. Now is our last chance to stop the Trump Tax Scam in its tracks. Can you make a call today?


Hi, my name is Laura, and I’m calling to demand that the Senator vote against the Trump Tax Scam when it comes up for a final vote.

The Trump Tax Scam would be disastrous for most American families. I oppose any attempt to slash spending on important earned benefit programs or to give Trump and his wealthy friends a huge tax cut.

Can I count on the Senator to stand up to Trump and big corporations and instead force corporations and the ultra wealthy to finally pay their fair share and protect the earned benefits for Americans like me?

Thank you for your time.

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