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Today’s call: Remove Joe Manchin from Democratic leadership

Today’s call: Remove Joe Manchin from Democratic leadership

There should be no room for Trump-apologist Joe Manchin on Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer’s leadership team. Call you call today to make sure Schumer and other Democratic leaders get the message loud and clear?

Because of high call volume, we are pushing calls to Washington and in-state offices, so you might get connected to the same senator twice. If you do, you can hit the * key to move on to another call.


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME]. I’m calling because I’m concerned that Trump-apologist Sen. Joe Manchin is a part of Sen. Schumer’s Senate Democratic Leadership team.

Sen. Joe Manchin consistently votes against the core principles and values of the Democratic party’s progressive base. His positions legitimize and normalize Trump. It is time to drop him from leadership.

Thank you.

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