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Call key senators today: Trump cannot pick the next FBI director

Call key senators today: Trump cannot pick the next FBI director

The Senate should not confirm Donald Trump’s pick to be the next FBI director when there is mounting evidence of collusion with Russia, but Republicans just had a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his nominee, Christopher Wray.

Senators serving on the committee are accountable to people all across the country for defending the integrity of our democracy. Can you call today to make sure key members of the committee get the message loud and clear that they should refuse to consider Wray until an independent Trump-Russia investigation is complete?


Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME], and I’m calling because I don’t think the Senate Judiciary Committee should be considering Donald Trump’s FBI nominee when there is mounting evidence that his campaign may have illegally colluded with the Russian government.

Can I count on the senator to refuse to consider Christopher Wray’s nomination until an independent investigation into Trump’s Russia ties has been completed?

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